Thursday, June 20, 2013

Test test. Is there anybody out there?

Oh hi. I didn't see you come in. Welcome!

So I've decided to try this whole blog thing out. This post mainly serves to help me finalize the design of this page, but for those who stumbled here completely by accident, let me introduce myself real quick. 

I am a digital illustrator and graphic designer with over seven years experience developing art for games and apps on various platforms, including mobile. Professionally I have contributed to several high-profile games published by EA, Disney, Cellufun/Tylted and others. Highly motivated and passionate about my trade, I have adopted a wide range of visual styles over the years and take extreme pride in my versatility as an artist.

My career is a never-ending learning experience that constantly drives me to evolve my techniques and outdo myself with each project. Currently I am working as an independent contract artist/designer for businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, I am also focused on several of my own game and illustration projects, for which I plan to use this space to share concepts and updates. 

I will be updating this blog in the next couple days with some cool stuff I've drawn in the last couple months. Feel free to comment on any work I post on here; feedback is always appreciated! Also, please respect my copyrights and those of their respective owners; do not copy, distribute or repurpose any original images posted here.

Thanks, and stay tuned!

Oh, and check out the rest of my work on my website at!

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